Monday, July 29, 2013

Unicorn Horn Necklace

I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living.
Dr. Seuss  photo unicornhornblogstyled1.jpg
I'll admit it, I'm a huge fantasy nerd. From the books I read, to the movies I watch, and now to the jewelry I make, fantasy for me is the most exciting genre. I've read my share of books that had unicorns in them, but it wasn't until I got this adorable teacup in London that I came up with the idea of making a unicorn horn necklace.  photo unicornhornblogteacup1.jpg
Teacup, Fortnum and Mason:  photo unicornhornblogteacup2.jpg  photo unicornhornblogteacup3.jpg
I began by cutting a triangular shape out of wax:  photo unicornhornblog2.jpg
I then carved it into a cylindrical shape, and used my tools to score the wax:  photo unicornhornblog3.jpg  photo unicornhornblog4.jpg  photo unicornhornblog5.jpg
Finally, I cast the wax in sterling silver and began refining the shape even more:  photo unicornhornblogmaking6.jpg  photo unicornhornblogmaking7.jpg
The finished product:  photo unicornhorn1.jpg  photo unicornhornblogstyled2.jpg  photo unicornhornmodellong.jpg  photo unicornhorn2.jpg  photo unicornhornblogstyled3.jpg  photo unicornhornmodelshort-1.jpg  photo unicornhorn-wtbackground.jpg
The Unicorn Horn is available now on my website!

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